How it works

ServeSmart helps you put the 'me' back in customer engagement in 4 simple steps

1 Configure

No more cookie-cutter engagement! That means you can now design intuitive engagement mechanisms across various customer touch points within your organization:

  • Get in-store tablet application and/or customer facing mobile application for constant engagement
  • Easy integration of branding elements
  • Fully customizable single/multi-screen question format with interactive rating scales
  • Dynamic form templates to change questions/rating scales easily
  • Benefit from multilingual support

2 Capture

ServeSmart allows you to capture real time customer information on experience and preferences either in store or on the go:

  • Reduce time to capture information from days to instantaneous
  • Easily integrate and utilize past customer interactions for instant customer recognition and profile generation
  • Collect customer information and feedback anytime, anywhere
  • Supplement your incomplete database with missing customer information
  • Collect verbatim responses for qualitative feedback
  • Integrate customer feedback from social media

3 Monitor

Feedback is only relevant if it’s available at the right time! Now it gets really simple to do that. You can monitor and analyse customer experience via interactive management dashboards:

  • Leverage from intuitive dashboards with rich visualizations
  • Get a single view of customer interactions across all locations/segments/touch points
  • Track responses and comments in real time based on specific criteria
  • Monitor performance of your employees based on customer feedback
  • Export reports in Excel, PowerPoint and PDF

4 Personalize

ServeSmart empowers you to personalize and prioritize business actions based on what your customers value. EPOCh, our proprietary big data platform, prompts real time business actions that build and sustain long term relationships:

  • Get in store-personalized recommendations on products, services or preferences to engage customers
  • Manage your marketing campaigns to customer segments from a single interface
  • Utilize instant in-store alerts to tackle negative customer experiences
  • Use drill down analyses to slice and dice data and apply specific filters for quick review of a particular segment
  • Review automated reports to isolate specific cases and take corrective action