Grow and retain
today's digital
savvy customer

ServeSmart is an engagement platform that follows the buying journey: use touch point data across channels, get insights to improve customer experience, and monitor engagement any time, anywhere.

Industries Served


Clinics and hospitals

Hotels and resorts


Small and large retail stores

Spas and salons

Features and Benefits

  • 1Customizable front end application Automated feedback capture + loyalty member enrolment
  • 2Dynamic cloud based dashboards directly linked to in store apps Centralized real time monitoring, advanced visualizations
  • 3Instant SMS based alerts to store managers for service lapse Improved customer retention & engagement
  • 4Direct mapping of customer feedback to sales executives Sales staff motivation and performance tracking
  • 5POS linkage and CRM integration Advanced customer profiling and personalized recommendations
  • 6Platform based SaaS delivery model Scalability , security & cost efficiency
  • 7Partnership with leading tablet vendors Ease of procurement, maintenance and additional service benefits
  • 8Technical support (email + phone) Round the clock personalized help at hand