How it works

Precise metrics is a complete marketing analytics suite that helps:

  • Capture Data

  • Visualize

  • Predict

  • Act


PreciseMetrics combines legacy data, CRM data, sales data and clickstream data to give you a comprehensive 360 degree view of customer. Built on our big data platform EpocH, it comes with a convenient JS SDK that can be plugged-in with any ecommerce or database platform. The REST based APIs provide seamless integration with iOS, Android and other third party applications to capture and collate data from disparate source


PreciseMetrics presents all your offline and online activity data in easy-to-use intuitive dashboards. You can define your metrics and generate usable visualizations as per your requirement. It is highly customizable and provides the functionality to visualize advanced metrics like - customer retention, visitee/shopper analysis, funnel analysis, sentiment analysis, click through rates , channel analysis etc.


PreciseMetrics comes with built in algorithms that allow analysts to perform advanced analytical operations such as predictive forecasting & dynamic segmentation.

  • It combines traditional subjective segmentation with dynamic micro segmentation to identify natural sub-clusters within your existing customer base.
  • It provide the ability to run advanced algorithm like neural network, ARIMA etc to provide the most relevant and best fit options to business users in near real time


PreciseMetrics gives managers the flexibility to take actions with a dedicated business action centre.

  • This centre gives marketing professionals a view of existing campaigns and the ability to initiate new campaigns across segments in real time
  • Its in-build alert system provides the ability to the user to set alerts across metrics as per business requirements linking a call to action button for each and every insight.