Ma Foi Analytics

We help you attract, grow and retain customers

Leverage our powerful combination of research, data sciences and big data to simplify the science of happy customers.

The way people buy has changed

New technology from smart phones to the ubiquitous Internet of Things empowers consumers to deftly navigate a fragmented, 'always on' landscape. more than any other time in history now is when attracting and keeping customers is a complex science. At Ma Foi we help you simplify that science. Our powerful combination of research, data sciences and big data converts acres of consumer 'digital trails' into compelling, real-time, actionable insights.

Understand customers better with research and data sciences

  • Accelerate traditional approaches with new-age tools and techniques including Machine Learning. NLP and real-time processing capabilities
  • Cross-link these tools and techniques with time-tested, structured approaches to predictive modeling and research (primary and secondary)
  • Run all of this through a lens of deep industry experience

Respond faster with a propriety custom-brokering big data platform

  • solve traditional legacy challenges with improved data streams through a highly versatile platform
  • Simplify usages and shorten time-to-deploy
  • Obtain real-time insights and business alerts
  • Take advantage of massive scalability

Empower the organization by democratizing data sciences

  • Combine technology with new-age data sciences to make 'business driven by analtyics' a way of life at every level of the organization
  • Make it convenient and collaborative through the cloud, on-premise web, mobile apps and solutions

We can combine these capabilities to bring you service across the full life-cycle of attracting, growing and retaining customers.

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