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Healthcare and Life sciences

With rising customer expectations, healthcare companies will need to define and monitor patient experience to be clinically effective and economically viable

At least 12.5% of all hospital payments are tied to performance on various patient experience indicators

Despite this, more than 50% of hospitals have not managed to define and operationalize patient experience

The Ma Foi approach

We provide end-to-end analytics solutions across the healthcare value chain to keep you at pace with the changing landscape.

The Ma Foi approach

Areas in the healthcare and life sciences value chain we impact:

Ma Foi in Action

A scalable model for predicting genetic risks


An Indian company wanted to build a model to predict the genetic risk of disease using over 300 markers. They also wanted the model to be scalable as new factors emerged.


After evaluating multiple solutions, the client chose Ma Foi's EpocH platform, that allows analytical models to be built and deployed faster and cheaper. Without specialized knowledge of Big Data tools and technologies.


Base model was deployed in 2 weeks. Updates in sync with model evolution.


With more than 50% of the world’s supply chains poised to become truly globalised, data-driven decision making could be the game changer in manufacturing

Only 12% of manufacturers can effectively determine product profitability

Over 40% still lack visibility of their extended supply chain

The Ma Foi approach

We’re helping manufacturers optimize supply chains with smart, relevant and easy-to-use analytics solutions that impact OPEX and channel effectiveness.

The Ma Foi approach

Areas in the Manufacturing value chain we impact:

Areas in the Manufacturing value chain we impact

Ma Foi in Action

Demand, supply and price forcasting for cotton in the middle east


A PE firm with investments in cotton commodity, wanted to forecast the ELS cotton price across different countries. The goal was to ascertain the best country and time for exercising their options.


Developed aggregate price forecast model to predict the future cotton prices. Neural network methodology was adopted to develop forecast models for each country.


The firm was able to develop a country price matrix and continues to utilize the same for exercising its options.


Customer expectations are changing every day, and retailers need to engage with each customer meaningfully

(Source: AT Kearney, Loyalty One, Verde Group, MCM & MA Foi Analytics Research Reports)

55% of shoppers engage with both online and physical touch points in their shopping lifecycle

71% of shoppers are likely to visit a local store only after checking inventory online first

81% of customers stay silent about a poor experience, after which 32% stop shopping and referring

The Ma Foi approach

Dynamic customer expectations and the growing use of technology in shopping is making the traditional framework of retail decision-making obsolete. Retailers need systems and processes to better understand their customers so they can frame winning strategies toward maximizing Customer Lifetime Value. Our retail analytics solutions help clients do that by combining technical and domain expertize, overlaid above a powerful, proprietary Big Data platform.

Data Capture
Aggregating structured and unstructured data, and creating visual storyboards that answer critical business questions and set the platform for advanced analytics

Custom Algorithms
Advanced analytics techniques - segmentation, predictive modelling and forecasting - help retailers improve ROI from marketing activities

Operationalize Insights
Cloud based web solutions with high scalability and flexibility enabling real-time managerial intervention in an Omni channel scenario

What parts of the retail value chain do we impact?

Aided by our proprietary big data platform , we build custom analytics products to support retailers in achieving their immediate and long term priorities.

What parts of the retail value chain do we impact

: On-premise customer feedback capture

Real-time visitor profiling for online grocery store in India

Market entry feasibility research study for ethnic merchandise in India

Ma Foi in Action

Real time customer tracking for an online grocery store


A leading online grocer wanted to create a rich database to understand their customer behaviour. The goal of the client was to crossmap customer behaviour and experience with transactional data to derive meaningful insights.


Google cloud platform was utilised. map-reduce & EpocH Big data application framework was used for processing. AppEngine full text search API was leveraged for advanced drill down capabilities.


Provided self-serve tools for the business analysts. Session analysis, funnel and cohort analysis, feedback analysis and adhoc analysis were performed on the data using these tools.


The hospitality domain is rife with competition, with each player trying to redefine ‘experience.’ Customers have the power to make or break businesses now.

98% of guests are likely to recommend a hotel based on good experience

Customers are twice as likely to share a negative experience as a positive one

The Ma Foi approach

Ma Foi looks at analytics as a means to an end. Be it hotel chains, restaurants, or spas and salons, we help businesses simplify their approach by focusing on solutions that are smart, contextual, easy to use, and outcome-driven.

The Ma Foi approach

Areas in the Hospitality value chain we impact:

Areas in the Hospitality value chain we impact

Lead scoring model travel and hospitality major in India

: Real-time customer feedback matters in restaurants

: How a hotel delighted its customers with real-time engagement

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

In an industry that traditionally maintains information in silos, customer engagement and lifetime value starts with building a unified view of the customer

57% of banking executives cite data silos as the main impediment to data-driven decision making

22% of customers perceive no difference between the products and service offerings of competing players in the BFSI sector

The Ma Foi approach

Our vision is to help financial institutions leverage analytics to achieve customer centricity. We achieve this through solutions that are contextual, easy to use, and outcome-oriented.

The Ma Foi approach

Spread of our BFSI Analytics offerings:

Spread of our BFSI Analytics offerings

Our solutions in action:

Our Microfinance Analytics Offering

: On Field Data and Real Time Feedback Capture Tools