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Who wants a vacation?

How a lead scoring model helped a vacation company sharpen its sales efforts



A vacation ownership company was seeking to qualify their leads from online channels. Their existing lead generation efforts were not yielding expected results. The reason? Sales personnel didn’t have enough insight into their prospects. In order to extract more value from sales efforts, they needed to know which leads were most likely to sign up for their offerings.


Using regression analysis, we developed a lead scoring model to rank leads in the order of their propensity to sign up as per demographic and lifestyle information. Sales executives were allocated leads scientifically.

This enabled the client to relook at sales force effectiveness, dealer incentives, ATL and BTL support, communication strategy, and budget allocation.



  • As a result of the activity, it was ascertained that 30% of the leads contributed to almost 70% of the sales
  • Leads were grouped into three categories - Hot, Warm and Cold - to enable the sales team to strategize appropriately

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