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Just what the doctor ordered!

How a supply chain sales model helped a healthcare intermediary improve their win rate



A large US-based GPO was keen on:

  • Helping their sales team identify deals that had a higher probability of winning. The client was constrained by data challenges and the impending complexities from their new CRM implementation.
  • Driving up customer engagement and retention in a highly competitive market.


  • To improve deal win-rates, Ma Foi developed a multinomial logistic regression model that identified characteristics of deals with potentially higher win rates. This involved creating baseline data extracted from the new CRM system. The model could intelligently segment and prioritize new deals for business action and also enable ongoing monitoring of deals over their life cycle.
  • Ma Foi implemented the CapStone framework, which leveraged existing segmentation, CSAT and behaviour data to establish specific, customer drivers of behaviour. These insights were made usable through a cloud-based dashboard which offered monitorinig, flagging and alert mechanisms.

This enabled the client to relook at sales force effectiveness, dealer incentives, ATL and BTL support, communication strategy, and budget allocation.



  • The project identified pockets of potentially high value deals and helped direct appropriate sales activities. Compared to earlier cycles this approach led to a whopping USD 55 million in incremental sales.
  • The solution framework enabled the sales and marketing team to proactively flag 5 high value potential attributes and define remedial actions within the first six months of the project’s implementation.

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