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The tie that 'binds'

How we're helping a cement company strengthen dealer engagement for better sales



The client wanted to provide their sales team with better intelligence on dealers to improve prioritization and planning of sales efforts. The sales team functions as a centre of excellence that manages over 4000 dealers. The challenge was to introduce and implement the idea of data-driven dealer engagement across this large, mature function. The proposed framework was a dealer satisfaction survey.


Ma Foi proposed the CAPStone framework for building an effective dealer management system. There were three analytics interventions:

  • A dealer segmentation exercise to identify natural clusters based on sales behaviour and demographics
  • An engagement survey to identify drivers of experience and that answered questions like 'How loyal is my dealer?' and 'How does he view my brand?'
  • A dealer scorecard that tracks dealer performance and red flags dealers at risk of attrition.

This enabled the client to relook at sales force effectiveness, dealer incentives, ATL and BTL support, communication strategy, and budget allocation.



  • The segmentation activity unearthed the top 2% of the dealers that were driving a third of the client’s business
  • The scorecard made it possible to track all 4000+ dealers at the same time and identify the ones who were not engaged
  • The CAPstone framework provided the sales team with actionable targets at the individual account level

This solution was driven by , a B2B engagement and retention tool

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