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All that gliters is gold

How a customer engagement solution opened a goldmine of insight for a jeweler


A nationalized jewelry retailer was struggling with their antiquated paper-based customer feedback and loyalty enrollment process. The process made collecting feedback time-consuming and costly. It also created a long lead time between data capture and data availability, thus affecting the utility of the feedback.


The client wanted a solution that would be convenient and cost effective. The solution would also have to provide insight into customers’ buying behavior, so they could be served better.

We customized ServeSmart, our engagement solution, to digitize the client’s customer enrollment and feedback collection process. First, we replaced pen and paper with an interactive, tablet-based application. The app didn’t just capture feedback; it also captured customer identity and preferences. The client could now understand buyer behavior better. He could monitor key experience metrics anytime, anywhere – at the store level or at the aggregate level. A live feed of verbatim customer responses could be accessed as well. And if he wanted to resolve issues as they happened at the store, he could even opt for SMS triggers.



Data collection cost came down by more than 70%. Time taken to report feedback came down from the 30-day average (in the days of paper and pen) to a few minutes. The solution also helped identify key drivers for non-purchase. This helped store managers modify merchandising. In time, the client was also able to measure critical metrics such as 'willingness to recommend.'

This Solution was p - Putting the 'me' back in customer engagement

In an always-on, connected world, consumers demand personalized engagement at every touch point. Meaningful experiences, not possessions, form the new consumer holy grail. ServeSmart is our customer engagement platform that follows the customer’s buying journey and helps you understand, engage and personalize interactions with her - anytime, anywhere!

This Solution was ServeSmart