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Solving "chronic" issues in Healthcare.

Accurate and timely medication for Chronic Illness


  • A Healthcare Facilitator needed a reliable way to engage patients with chronic conditions


  • An IVR based workflow solution and reporting engine was developed using the EpocH platform to remind TB patients and their care givers to take medicines on-time.


  • Solution rolled out in under 6 week
  • Compliance increased by over 30% within a month


Genetics Vs. Lifestyle the debates rages.

A scalable model for predicting genetic risks


  • An Indian Company wanted to build a model to predict the genetic risk of disease using over 300 markers. They also wanted the model to be scalable as new factors come to light


  • After evaluating multiple solutions, the client chose Ma Foi's EPOCh platform, that allows analytical models to be built and deployed faster, cheaper and without needing specialized knowledge of Big Data tools and technologies


  • Base Model deployed within 2 weeks
  • Quick update and refreshes in sync with model evolution

Travel & Hospitality

Qualifying leads for unqualified success.

How a lead scoring model sharpened sales efforts for a travel & hospitality major


  • A vacation ownership company wanted to qualify leads from online channels
  • It required a solution to identify leads with a higher propensity to sign up for its offerings


  • Developed a lead scoring model with regression analysis to rank leads most likely to sign up
  • Scientific allocation of leads to sales executives
  • Captured variables like ability and willingness to buy


  • Identified that 30% of leads contribute to 70% of sales, improving conversion rate by 2.33 times
  • Grouped leads into Hot, Warm and Cold to help strategize sales

Loyalty Management

Driving customer loyalty through data.

A loyalty management engine for a niche player in India


  • A Consulting company wanted to design a High - Fidelity Loyalty Engine as a cloud based SaaS solution which could be customized to the requirements of various clients


  • The Loyalty Engine was developed using the EpocH platform to award loyalty points and allow easy tracking of points earned
  • APIs to integrate the Loyalty Engine with E-tailer Website instantly were deployed
  • Reporting, Campaign Management and Reward Modules were implemented using agile methodologies


  • The entire Engine along with Integration APIs was developed and deployed in under 8 weeks.
  • Even as the loyalty system gains traction, Customer Satisfaction is already starting to show an upswing.

People Management

Helping People Firms manage People.

manage People


  • An HR Consulting company wanted to develop a Self Serve HR diagnostic tool for clients.


The EpocH platform was used to develop and deploy an HR Analytics solution that brings together:
  • Survey design & management Automated diagnostic report generation
  • An analytical engine for performance benchmarking
  • Quantitative assessment of relative performance
  • A user management module.  


  • Richer diagnostic insights with an integrated, multi disciplinary, modular solution
  • Accelerated development and deployment with Beta being in-market in 8 weeks

Customer Attrition in Healthcare

Just what the doctor ordered.

Controlling Customer Attrition in Healthcare


  • A leading US Healthcare Intermediary needed an early warning system to detect those customers (Hospitals/ Healthcare systems) that were at risk of attrition


The EpocH platform was used to develop and deploy:
  • A behavioural scorecard, that divided customers into distinct segments based on their purchase history, with the ability to drill down to the individual hospital /system
  • An Experience scorecard that captured how each segment rated their satisfaction on various aspects, again with the ability to drill down to the individual hospital/system


  • Sales Folks could Identify customers at risk of attrition from the behavioral scorecard
  • Take preventive action on areas these customers were unhappy on the basis of the Experience Scorecard

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