How it works

What we do

Segment & Measure

relies on cutting edge statistical and machine learning analytical algorithms and best of breed Big Data tools and technologies for a robust customer segmentation. A combination of demographic, psychographic & transactional metrics are used to generate a microscopic view of existing segments to reveal hidden insights and identify inherent differences among them.

It then overlays customer experience for each of the above identified segments through web, mobile, telephonic or physical surveys to understand what customers like, what they don’t, how likely are they to do business with the organization again or recommend them to people in their circle of influence

Link & Analyse

Based on customers observed purchase behaviour (derived from legacy CRM/transaction data), links the experience a customer has had with her behaviour in order to draw meaningful insights.

, Ma Foi Analytics’Big Data Platform provides the ability to store, process and analyze large volume, velocity and variety of data seamlessly

Manage & Act

provides real-time cloud/web based scorecards that guide business leaders to take the right actions for each segment of customers. The features include:

  • Monthly/Quarterly business scorecards for strategic/tactical intervention
  • Real-time alerts to flag deviation in behaviour/experience for proactive decision making
  • Multiple levels of granularity & access control for in depth analysis and monitoring
  • Integration of other forms of data (e.g. social) to get a holistic view